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Press Release: April 19, 2013

‘Save DU’ Fervour Spreads to CP; Candle-Vigil Marks Protest against Ill-conceived Reforms

Many students and teachers campaigning against DU’s attempted shift to the dubious 4-Year Undergraduate Structure took over Block-A at Connaught Place today. In a bid to address Public Concern on the drastic line of changes that, if implemented, will destroy the quality and access to Higher Education in DU, the campaigners spread out and engaged in intense interaction with the CP-goers on the imminent collapse of the University. Information Leaflets were distributed and more than 1500 signatures were collected in favour of the Save DU Campaign which has demanded a deferment of the 4-Years Baccalaureate.

The Government seems to be finally waking up to the dangers of hastily implementing the 4-Years Baccalaureate in colleges which do not even have the adequate infrastructure to run the existing 3-years degree programme efficiently. Reports in the media reveal that even senior-level bureaucrats within the MHRD are circumspect about the quality of courses that are being prepared with break-neck speed to satisfy the diktats of the renegade Vice-Chancellor. The Campaigners are optimistic that the Government will undertake some concrete initiatives to ensure that DU is not allowed to bring in such changes against the interests of the public at large.

The DU Administration has, as an embarrassing knee-jerk reaction to the growing worries about the utter lack of clarity and vision in the VC’s endeavors, has meanwhile released a letter in favour of the 4-Years ‘Reform’, which his loyalists in the DU Administration have been forced to sign. The letter reveals ignorance about the ground-reality in colleges and, further, maintains a dishonest silence about the thoughtless manner in which the rigorous disciplines like Sciences and Humanities are being given short-shrift through curtailment of tutorials, practical classes and optional papers. The letter spews irrational venom against teachers and students who are joining the Save DU Campaign in greater numbers every day and has tried to politicize dissent and disagreement. This reaction shows up the University Administration’s constant efforts to stifle voices of disagreement and castigate any form of dissent against the VC’s ridiculous excesses.

The Campaign observed a Candlelight-Vigil in Protest against the ham-handed manner in which unilateral and destructive changes are being forced through. The public, comprising of students, shoppers, office-goers and shop staff in CP, enthusiastically joined the Vigil. People are mostly worried that DU is going to replicate the fate of innumerable Government schools that have been systematically destroyed in the last few decades, in order to help Private-School education to thrive and make profits at the cost of parents.

The Save DU Campaign will also convene a large Public Meeting in JNU on Monday, April 22 at 9.30 pm. This is going to be followed by another Public Meeting on Thursday, April 25 in DU in which eminent activists and leaders like Aruna Roy (National Advisory Council), P.A. Sangma (NCP), Agatha Sangma (MP, NCP), Sitaram Yechury (Rajya Sabha MP and CPI-M Politburo) and Gurudas Dasgupta (MP, CPI), among others, are expected to join.

One comment on “Press Release: April 19, 2013

  1. M Cube
    April 20, 2013

    So glad to see the HRD and the public itself finally responding. It’s high time presumptuous bigots realise that they can’t use the same batch as guinea pigs over and over again for their experiments, first the CCE and now this! I applaud you for all your efforts. Please keep doing what you’re doing so we can stop this horrendous system from being implemented. Thank you!

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