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Letter from Economics teachers regarding anomalies in Committee of Courses


The Head,
Dept. of Economics,
Delhi School of Economics
University of Delhi

Sub: Regarding violation of University Regulations in the composition of Committee of Courses in the Department of Economics

Dear Prof. Dua,

We are writing to you to point out certain anomalies about the composition of the current Committee of Courses (both PGCC and UGCC) that have come to our notice.

The University Regulation on the Committee of Courses and Studies for Honours, Post Graduate and Research Studies (PGCC) stipulates that:

“Four lecturers from the colleges, associated with the teaching of post graduate and or honours courses, two of whom will be chosen by rotation on the basis of seniority from among those teachers in all colleges who have put in not less than 10 years’ service and the remaining two will be chosen by rotation on the basis of seniority from amongst those teachers in all the colleges who have put in less than 10 years service, provided that not more than one of the teachers from both the categories belongs to one and the same college”
Further, the regulation on Committee for Courses and Studies for the Undergraduate Studies (excluding Honours) (UGCC) stipulates that:

“Two teachers from the University Department concerned and the rest from amongst the teachers associated with the teaching….. The rest of the members shall be chosen from amongst the teachers who are associated with the teaching by rotation on the basis of seniority in all colleges provided that not more than one teacher shall be from one and the same college”.

The previous PGCC of the Department of Economics had N. Raghunathan (SSC), Neelam Singh (LSR) and Madhur Ajmani (KMC) as members from the category of college teachers. The first two members are from the more than 10 years category since they have been teaching in the University from the mid-1970s or early 1980s at least. We have come to know that Sanjeev Grewal (SSC) is a PGCC member at present. Since Mr. Grewal has been teaching in this university since 1992, he has obviously been chosen from the ‘more than ten years’ category. There is therefore a gap of around 12 years or so between the seniorities of Raghunathan / Neelam Singh and Sanjeev Grewal. It appears from this gap that the principle of ‘seniority by rotation’ has not been adhered to. There are a number of teachers in economics departments in the colleges of the university who have been appointed in this gap of twelve (or more) years who should have found a place in the PGCC.

Further, in the previous UGCC, Mihir Pandey (Ramjas) and Anand Mittal (Hansraj) amongst others were members from the college teachers category. We have come to know that N. Raghunathan (SSC) and Neelam Singh (LSR) are currently members of UGCC. However, N. Raghunathan and Neelam Singh of the current UGCC are senior to the two members mentioned above in the previous UGCC. Here again the principle of rotation on the basis of seniority in all the colleges has not been followed.

It is strange that both N Raghunathan and Neelam Singh, for whom these violations have taken place in the current UGCC, were both members in the previous PGCC. This move apart from being an illegality in itself also denies the legitimate right of some others, who should have been in these committees instead.

It is therefore obvious that there are major violations of University Regulations in the constitution of both the CoCs. We are pointing out the anomalies in case of certain individuals because the anomalies in their cases are quite apparent to us. We do not have an access to the seniority list of all the college teachers, so we are not in position to make any conclusion about the validity of other members’ selection to the committee. We however are rather apprehensive that there may be many more violations/anomalies in the constitution of the CoCs.

Since the entire course structure and contents of the economics courses in the FYUP were passed by the CoCs this time without concurrence with the democratic opinion of the college teachers and in fact in complete secrecy and confidentiality from them, it is all the more stark that a body, which is constituted in contravention with the regulations of the University, could attempt to do so. Thus the whole exercise of ‘passing the course structure’ by the CoCs is null and void and has no locus standi, when the constitution of the CoCs have been faulty and illegal.

It is on the basis of the courses passed by these improperly and illegally constituted CoCs that the Economics course structure and contents were placed and supposedly passed by the FSS in the meeting held on 20.04.2013. Thus, the whole exercise of passing these courses stands negated in our opinion because the courses must be first be passed by properly constituted CoCs before they can be considered by the Faculty.

We had earlier, in a letter dated 15.04.2013, signed by 46 (initially 34) college teachers of economics, signalled you, before the final meeting of the CoCs that passed these courses, of our apprehensions about the constitution of the CoCs. However, no heed was paid to our genuine apprehensions at that time. Now that we are providing you concrete cases of violations of the University regulations, we hope you will recognise the seriousness of the matter.

We therefore request you to withdraw the entire exercise of ‘passing’ these courses and first constitute the CoCs according to the rules of the University and further seek open democratic mandate according to long held conventions and then bring up these to the legally constituted CoCs.

We also request you to immediately put the seniority list of the teachers in the economics departments of all the colleges in the public domain, so that constitution of these crucial committees may not become matters of apprehension and suspicion in the future.


Mihir Pandey (Ramjas)
Saumyajit Bhattacharya (KMC)
Rakesh Ranjan (SRCC)
Nalini Nayak (PGDAV)
Deb Kusum Das (Ramjas)
Alok Dash (Ramjas)
Ajay Ranjan Singh (KMC)
Anindita Roy Saha (IP)
Archana Aggarwal (Hindu)
Nandini Dutta (MH)
C. Saratchand (Satyawati)
Avinash Jha (SRCC)
Harish Dhawan (RLA-E)
T.M.Thomas (Deshbandhu)
Indranil Chowdhury (PGDAV)

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