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News Roundup, 29 April 2013

Dictatorial DU: No debate, it is Delhi University please? Video: NDTV.com

Postpone 4-year undergraduate programme to 2014, demand DU teachers — With Video: IBN Live

JAYATI GHOSH: How to destroy a university – The Hindu

Discontent brews over quality of 4-year syllabi – The Times of India

Teaching community sceptical of reforms – The Times of India

Art & wit, posts & placards keep DU protests alive – The Hindu

5 comments on “News Roundup, 29 April 2013

  1. M Cube
    April 30, 2013

    In this NDTV video, who the heck gave this ‘Shaurya’, the right to represent the half a million students who are applying to DU?? He is being diplomatic by saying that the FYUP is not a “bad system”, but the “haste” with which it is being implemented is troublesome. Neither our batch, and nor the next year batch should have to study in this horrific system, the demerits of which are too many to fit in a single comment.
    I didn’t like that woman (journalist) who was the mediator, either. She was’nt clear on the latest developments and was just sort of clueless.
    All the other people had their facts straight, and they were definitely getting their valid points accross with great efficacy. Kudos!
    As for me, I’m getting real tired of this VC’s crap. Waiting around, watching the news or reading newspaper articles or even logging in to this website is getting really monotonous and exhausting. Nonetheless, the people who are running this site are really amazing and I’m eternally grateful for your indespensable help.
    Also, when are you going to file the P.I.L.?? You now have enough evidence of the DU administration’s negligence and arrogance, to build a strong case against them!!
    Lastly, is there anything else, other than signing the petition to the PM, where I can be useful?? Though I’m in Chd, I bet there’s something I can get done from here!
    (Ok, this comment was fat but worth it. K bye)

    • SAVE DU
      May 1, 2013

      Many of us at DU felt that Shaurya was very good and astonishingly well-informed. The argument about the haste with which the FYUP is being implemented is crucial to our efforts to stop it. And the fact that aspiring students from different parts of the country are intervening publicly in the debate is really wonderful. We hope many more will do so. This will greatly strengthen our struggle.

      A delegation of teachers met the HRD Minister today and gave him a detailed account of the problems with the FYUP and the manner in which it is being bulldozed. They were given a patient hearing. Let’s hope that there will be some positive outcome soon.

      Apart from getting the petition signed, you could think of getting your friends and family members to send messages to the Government (PM, HRD Minister), to MPs from all political parties seeking their intervention to stop the FYUP.

      • M Cube
        May 1, 2013

        He was well informed, but he was being too diplomatic at the end, in my opinion. This is not, definitely not, the time to be diplomatic. It’s already May! I REALLY hope the HRD is going to do something in our favour. What I’m going to do is, I’m going to flood Shash Tharoor’s twitter feed now. Yup. By the way, this twitter thing is a good idea, but it will only work if he checks his ‘Mentions’. A lot of people, especially people with over a million followers, don’t do that. But hopefully he does!! Let’s see what happens. KEEP doing what you’re doing!

  2. concerned parent
    May 1, 2013

    With Tharoor saying that HRD ministry will not intervene in this matter, we have lost all the hopes of stopping this disaster to DU. Now only a miracle can save future of students. If you can do that, do it ASAP. It is already too late. I think only solution now is PIL or intervention by PM.

  3. M Cube
    May 1, 2013

    Omg that other article says that the HRD and Shashi Tharoor aren’t going to intervene??????????????????????????
    This ‘patient hearing’, was it before or after that article was published?? Please tell me that you guys went AFTER it was, because of the HRD doesn’t intervene, we’re practically defeated.

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