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Save DU Campaign Press Release, 1 May 2013

Save DU Campaign takes strong exception to the Press Statements by Shashi Tharoor, Minister of State, HRD regarding Four Year Graduation Programme (FYUP). Despite the petitions on the matter and the important issues raised in the public domain through articles and reports, the Minister of States rules out the intervention by the MHRD in the matter (TOI, 1May). However, while showing indifference to the issues raised and after making statement to the order “It is DU’s idea and should be left to the university to implement”, the Minister of State fails to resist making statements in favour of implementation of FYUP.

Over last few years, Delhi University teachers have continuously brought the matter of misgovernance, imposition of “reforms” in top-down manner without debate and discussion and of victimization of the dissenters to the notice of the Chancellor, the Visitor and the MHRD in the hope of getting relief and saving this University from destruction. To place complete faith on the replies filed by the Vice Chancellor and not to do fact-finding beyond that is an unfortunate stance and has emboldened the Vice Chancellor.

The present restructuring will have to be evaluated on the questions of quality and equity. We wish to reiterate that the extension of the tenure of undergraduate programme and introduction of multiple exit points is a matter of national debate. Any systemic change at the undergraduate level has to come in harmony with the school education and the post-graduate programmes. Also 10+2+3 is a National Policy and has to be debated by the Parliament before changes are made.

Several issues have been raised regarding violation of rules and regulations and good democratic processes. Teachers have expressed apprehensions regarding the rigid structure of FYUP and the quality of curriculum designed in this haste. It was shocking to note that in its meeting held on 26 April 2013, the Faculty of Arts passed 70 courses in a matter of 40 minutes!

It is essential that the MHRD and the Parliament intervene in the matter in the interest of 60,000 students who shall take admission in Delhi University this year and the academic standards of the University.

As an action programme, the Save DU Campaign has issued request to students, teachers and parents to flood Shashi Tharoor’s and Pallam Rajus’s twitter time line with a demand to defer FYUP till a nation-wide debate takes place on the matter.


One comment on “Save DU Campaign Press Release, 1 May 2013

  1. Easwar Anand
    May 2, 2013

    Tharoor must understand that changes put by any academicians may not be good.Tharoor defends VC only because he is batchmate of VC. to shashi tharoor – “Once,I was impressed by your performance in politics and all. Now,I hate you throughout my life because both you and VC have spoiled my life. I was about to join St.Stephens college for honours degree by stopping my career in Kerala due to unsatisfactory education system. Even in Kerala,Tharoor is not doing good. I was preparing for my interview for the last 2 months and it was only now,DU released its notification. Tharoor,you must understand that you and VC are spoiling many student’s dream university.Now I am forced to go outside India.My parents and I have no passport now.I really don’t know about my future now. Go to hell,Tharoor”.

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