4 year graduation at DU

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DU launches 4-yr degree programme-India-TIMESNOW.tv – Latest Breaking News, Big News Stories, News Videos

DU launches 4-yr degree programme-India-TIMESNOW.tv – Latest Breaking News, Big News Stories, News Videos.

Just weeks before the new admission season, Delhi University (DU) has introduced a big change in its curriculum by adopting a four year degree programme across the board. Saikat Ghosh, Assistant Prof of English, Khalsa College, DU, said, “But to have an honours degree in four years is making us completely at a disadvantage compared to other universities, creating a chaos for students who go between one university and another. From undergraduate to post graduate, there will be a lot of confusion. There are no infrastructural commitments given by the UGC and the HRD. No white paper has been given to us about the extra requirements.”

But teachers in Delhi University have registered their protest saying the four year degree is against the National Education Policy. They point at the flaws like multiple exit points fluctuating work load for teachers and fear that the cost of education could shoot up. Dr Asha Singh, Associate Professor, Lady Irwin College, said, “We are you know not involved in it. We feel disengaged totally. I wish there had been more conferring with the teaching community and it looks like it is just a top down thing. We just have to follow and abide by it.”

Even student leaders have expressed their reservations saying Delhi University has acted in haste. Nupur Sharma, Member National Executive, Bhartiya Janta Yuva Morcha, said, “Yes it is a very ambitious and maybe its forward thinking. But what is the haste why are we rushing into it and of course the first batch is the first batch. I find that actually callous because you two and a half lakh students on the line.” But some academics and professionals are welcoming the change.

Mohandas Pai, Educationist, said, “Recruitment market has become extremely competitive and there is demand only for high quality graduates. The three degree programme has outlived its utility because the output of a three year degree programme is not adequate to meet the demands of the job market. To give expertise to people we have to improve quality and the only way to improve quality and give an edge is to go for a four year programme.”

Professor Abdul Wahid, Vice Chancellor, Central University of Kashmir, said, “On the whole this is a laudable idea and there are several advantages of going in for a four year degree as compared to a three year degree and I would classify it as an important academic reform in the country.” Students aspiring to study in DU already face a big challenge of transition from school to college. But now with a four year degree programme, they find themselves in a truly uncharted territory

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