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News Roundup, 20 May 2013

Save DU campaign at Sonia Gandhi’s door – Times Of India

Protest outside Sonia’s house against DU four-year course – The Hindu

DU protest reaches Sonia’s door – Hindustan Times

अपूर्वानंद: शिक्षा में आपातकाल — जनसत्ता

PM tells DU delegation he will look into four-year undergraduate programme matter – Times Of India

डीयू के चार वर्षीय डिग्री प्रोग्राम का विरोध : शिक्षक छात्रों का दस जनपथ पर प्रदर्शन — अमर उजाला

Costs may go up by over Rs 1 lakh under new programme – Hindustan Times

DU students petition Sonia Gandhi on four-year course — Zee News

New courses ‘ill-conceived’, say teachers – Hindustan Times

Delhi University drops college preference, brace for higher cutoffs – Hindustan Times

Teachers, students protest against FYUP at 10 Janpath — Deccan Herald

NGO moves apex court against HC order – Indian Express

Class XII students sceptical over DU Four-year UG programme: Survey : North, News – India Today

चार वर्षीय अंडरग्रेजुएट कोर्स के विरोध में प्रदर्शन — dainik jagran

SOL to continue in 3-year mode – Times Of India

Womens safety paper under FYUP — Deccan Herald

600 people attend 3rd open day – Hindustan Times

DU plans fee waiver for SC/ST, EWS – Indian Express

Teachers, Students March to scrap FYUP in Delhi University — newstrackindia

सोनिया के आवास पर वामपंथी संघठनों का प्रदर्शन — नेशनल दुनिया

डीयू : सोनिया के घर पर छात्रों का प्रदर्शन — नई दुनिया

Protest against V-C near 10 Janpath | The Asian Age

चार वर्षीय पाट्यक्रम के विरोध में शिक्षक एवं छात्र संघठनों ने प्रदर्शन किया — दैनिक भास्कर

2 comments on “News Roundup, 20 May 2013

  1. M Cube
    May 25, 2013

    l religiously checked this website each and everyday, from the start of April till today itself, indiscriminately championing your cause, or so to speak ‘our’ cause, from afar.

    You people haven’t uploaded anything in 5 days. This can only mean that you have, quite possibly, given up. And if it may still concern you, so have l.

    Have you seen the DU website lately? It’s looks like a huge banner advert for the FYUP. The audacity with which the VC’s various tele interviews are thrown into your face, right on the homepage, clearly show that they don’t consider your ‘protest’ worthy of delaying any of their endeavors.
    We have withstood the tyranny of the VC for far too long, the time has come for a crusade.

    Maybe you guys are “marching to the PM” or “standing outside Sonia’s house” or maybe you’re just making another poster with some frivolous slogan/poem on it. But let me tell you, these nonbelligerent ‘protests’ don’t work in the real world.
    l’d just like to tell you, that you have given me, and 100’s of others like me, nothing but false hope, hope that had no knowable chance of coming to fruition.

    Unless you do something turbulently exorbitant, something rebelliously drastic, something violently extravagant, don’t expect the VC to capitulate.

    • SAVE DU
      May 26, 2013

      Sometimes things come in the way like someone falling ill, because of which the website could not be updated as regularly as before. We are not a corporate organisation paid to work for profits but a group of people working voluntarily day and night beyond our professional and family responsibilities to keep this movement alive. With struggles pitted against the powers that be, there are no guarantees. If the government is refusing to intervene despite the severe criticism from highly respected intellectuals and commentatora and from political leaders of all hues, should you not criticise the government rather than the movement which has helped to make the issue into a matter of such wide debate?

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